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The springs on a garage door, has a tremendous importance for the proper functioning of the door. The door is heavy and the opener won’t lift it without the counterbalance supports of the springs. A broken spring on garage door, is common problem and should be fixed as soon as it happened. Garage door springs must be replaced only by a professional technician.


Overhead Door Spring Replacements

Because a broken spring on a garage door is a very common problem, we’re aware of the fact that it has to be fixed ASAP. We’re providing emergency services for fast repair, all at the same day. Our professional technicians always carries on their vans several types of different springs, extension and torsion, allowing them to fix it for you at the same day with no extra charge!

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Important information on garage door broken spring:

attention-icon-Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MAAs long as your springs are broken, don't use your electrical opener to open and close the door! If you do, you may cause a damage to the opener and the hardware.

attention-icon-Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MASprings are working under a very high tension, you must not try to replace them by yourself, as you risk yourself with with a fatal injuries.

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Torsion Spring

A torsion spring, is also being considered a “Heavy Duty”. Usually, will be located above the door, either one or two springs, it has a big rod goes all along inside of it. It is made to support heavy doors and for that, it works under a very high tension. There are many different sizes for a torsion spring and that is why it is crucially important to install the correct one. Our starting price for a torsion spring repair job is starting at $145.

Extension Spring

Extension spring, as it sounds, it get extended while you open and close the door. Most likely, will be found on each side of the door, and must be held by a safety cables. Those cables made to held the door from falling when the spring is breaking. While replacing extension spring on a garage door, we always recommend to replace all of them, also the one that didn’t break. Otherwise the door won’t be balanced and most likely, shortly after, you will experience another broken spring. Our starting price for new extension spring + installation is $79.

Safety Comes First

When we replace a broken springs on a garage doors, safety is our first thought, all along the job. And also, after the installation was completed, we will go over a safety check list, checking all safety points to make sure it is up to the most strictly standards of safety. We will also make sure the door is balanced correctly. At the end of each job, you will receive invoice and warranties. All jobs are certified and insured, made by professional technicians!