Overhead Doors - Cambridge

Overhead doors, is a big and heavy door which should provide an easy access to any garage or a warehouse. The door can be operate either manually or by an electric device, like a  garage door opener. Its heavy weight is supported by a system of springs and rollers, allows it to operate easily and to provide a great solution for garages.

Overhead doors can be made by Wood, Aluminium or even Fiberglass and today there are so many options based on design, style, efficiency and prices.  So, if you think or in a need to replace your garage door, you should consult with us. Our professional team are always ready to serve you by choosing to correct overhead door for you.

Overhead Door - Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MA

Decorative Doors - Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MA

Decorative Garage Doors

No doubt that a garage door is affecting the look of your house. Especially in Massachusetts, residential landscape have always had a unique style, and to be able to preserve it, a decorative garage doors has a strong effect on the look of your house. Other than that, a beautiful overhead door, provide a natural beauty to your house and also increase its market value.

Today there are endless possibilities, different brands, styles, materials, and prices, when you purchase a new overhead door. We can guide you throughout the way, since the first meeting and long after the installation. 

Wooden Garage Doors

A wood garage door is the best option for decorative garage door. Its natural look has a great effect on the outside look of your house. It is very common around Massachusetts homeowners and that is why many of them choose to replace them with a new wooden garage door.

We always care about your satisfaction, so when you call us, it is our duty to get you the exact product of which you most desire. There are many options for wooden doors, with a different price range for each, It mostly based on materials but also by the brand. Our company has the ability to always get you a discounted prices on wooden doors from our suppliers. Call us for free estimate and no obligation, let us find you the best deal for you!


Wooden Doors - Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MA