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Garage door opener, is an electrical device, allowing a great solution of lifting up the door with no human interference. Along with a proper function of the springs system, it should easily open and close your garage door. Once you realize a change with the way your door is functioning, if shaking, out of balance or doesn't work smoothly as it should, you should know that as long as you don’t fix it and keep using the door, you may have a broken opener in the future. A garage door opener can’t lift the door as long as the hardware is not properly functioning. That is why we always recommends to keep maintaining any garage door at least once a year!

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Garage Door Opener Installer

Our company provides a fine selections of garage door openers, as well as comprehensive service for residential and commercial customers. When you call us for new installation of garage door opener, you can be assure that we have all you need.

18652480-golden-rectangle-with-check-markGreat selection of openers on stoke
18652480-golden-rectangle-with-check-markDiscounted prices for new openers
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Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster openers provides durability and reliability for years. Liftmaster has always being consider, as the state of the art with their products. Today, you can easily control the opening and closing of your door through your smartphone thanks to Liftmaster “MyQ” technology. Liftmaster openers provides many options for residential and commercial customers, and a wide range of accessories, such as:

like-icon-Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MA    Battery backup        like-icon-Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MA  MyQ Technologe        like-icon-Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MA  Keypad access 

LiftMaster Opener - Goldline Garage Doors & Repair - Cambridge MA

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Buying a new garage door opener:

To be able to choose the correct opener, we have to consider several elements with the door, which are based on sizes, scale, hardware and your budget. When it comes to prices, we always give at least 2 options, to meet your expectation.

18652480-golden-rectangle-with-check-markChain Drive Opener: 1/4hp 1/2hp or even 1.1/4hp, a chain driven opener will operate the door by a chain, if you don’t care about the noise it makes while working, it will be the cheapest solution and reliable as well for you.

18652480-golden-rectangle-with-check-markBelt Drive Opener: Providing smooth operation and less noises while working, a bit more expensive than a chain drive. 

18652480-golden-rectangle-with-check-markScrew Drive Opener: Made with a long screw which connected the operator with the pulley. 

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